Leydi Juarez



Leydi Juarez blew into Central Florida from the Windy City in 2012. Initially, her passion for helping others lead her to a career in the medical field; however, after 5 years, her experience with people from various cultures allowed her to thrive in retail and sales.
Her desire to be of service to others did not fade as she experienced success in retail. Leydi eventually enrolled into the Seminole County Law Enforcement Academy to educate herself on the different ways she could interact with the community and make a difference.
Searching for her own dream home lead Leydi into real estate business in 2015. While working to find safe areas with good schools for her family, she found another way to be a help to those around her. Leydi is a dedicated dream home finder, and she is ready to help you find the keys to your own beautiful estate or vacation home here in the Sunshine State.
Por favor llámeme para ayudar con la venta de su casa o la compra de una casa nueva, la tierra o invertir en bienes raíces. Espero con interés trabajar con usted. ¡Éste podría ser el mejor movimiento de su vida!
Contact Leydi @ (224) 245-3725 / Email: Leydi@ParkerRealtyGroupFL.com

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